Take the Quiz

1. Which vessel was primarily used to store spirits?

2. What kind of vessel is shown in the picture?

3. Which of the following is a ceramic decoration technique?

4. Based on its style of decoration, when do you think the pottery in the picture was made?

5. Which of the following are the characteristics of a butykos („bubbly” jug)?

6. Which of the following settlements were important pottery centres in the Great Hungarian Plain in the 19th century?

7. The picture shows a made-to-order, inscribed canteen composed from several pieces. When do you think it was most commonly used?

8. Inscriptions are often accompanied by various animal depictions on potteries. Which animals are most often depicted on the butellas of the Great Plain?

9. Which of the following old-timey terms refers to a piece of furniture in which butellas were stored?

10. The word "Vivat!" is very often found on inscribed potteries. Do you know what it means?

10+1. The butella in the picture is decorated with an engraved pattern. Do you know what folklore calls the plant depicted?