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Many of the featured ceramics were made in the former major pottery centres of the Great Plain. The writings reveal the literacy, the worldviews and the sense of humour of the master potters and decorators of Mezőcsát, Tiszafüred, Mezőtúr and Hódmezővásárhely, giving an insight of their times and the community that commissioned and used these pieces. A smaller number of the items came from the Transdanubian region and some settlements in Partium.

In addition to providing the most important facts, we have also tried to draw attention to some curiosities in the descriptions of the objects. As the most common type of inscribed ceramics is the butella (glazed spirit container), a detailed study on it is included in this section. For definitions of technical and ethnographic terms used throughout the website, please refer to the section titled “Get the idea“.

In writing the inscriptions, we have marked the line breaks with a slash (/) symbol. We have made every effort to reproduce the inscriptions as they appear on the potteries. Passages that are unintelligible or completely blurred and erased are denoted by a question mark (?).

All images and the written material on this website are the property of the Túr Pottery Museum and the Draskovits Ceramics Collection, their republication is prohibited without permission.

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